Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Kyogling around

Having survived Woodford, I am now near hot and sweaty Kyogle, minding my niece and nephew while my sister and brother-in-law attend a Buddhist teaching at the local Gonpa. The reason I was avoiding the H word in the last entry was because everyone at Woodford gets highly offended when the word 'Hippy' is mentioned in any and every write-up of the festival. Mind you, the woman drifting through the Chai tent wearing nothing but a reversed loin cloth and bit of feather and horns did a lot to dispell the hippy image (What's wrong with her bottom? S said; I asked why, and he replied that it was the only bit of her that she felt the need to cover). She certainly attracted a fair bit of attention.

So here I am, sweating from every pore, even though I've been to the pool and seen a movie in air-con today. We're waiting for a thunderstorm to hit. The clouds are there, we can feel the tension, now hopefully will come the rain. Meanwhile we suck on a few cold beers and play endless games of Karum (sp?), an extremely addictive Indian board game a bit like finger snooker.

I've finally stopped bleeding! Hooray, feeling human again, and for those who give a shit, we've finally managed to consumate our marriage.(Too much information, I know, but we have been married for almost 2 months, and it does make a difference!)

Stay tuned -- this weekend I get home and I can offload my camera (unless one of us accidentally deletes everything). Happy days, y'all.

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