Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lady Moth

Lady Moth, originally uploaded by Ampersand Duck.

Asleep or in a trance, she floats and eats a moth or two.

This was a very odd act. amd it freaked out Bumblebee a bit. Lady Moth would enter the room in trance, with a flapping 'moth' on her finger. She would go through a set routine of cleaning her teeth (her toothbrush was attached to her hair by elastic) and spitting in a teacup from which she would later slurp the toothpasty mix (ewww). Then she would go to open a tealeaf tin-type of box and suddenly notice the moth. She would jolt into consciousness and attempt to violently dislodge the moth, which would end up with her struggling out of the room. Then she would return in a trance and go through the whole routine again, with a slightly larger moth.

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