Friday, January 14, 2005

The Woodford Files: 4

Street Art, originally uploaded by Ampersand Duck.

This is what makes Woodford a fun place to be, outside the music venues. The Street performances are usually fun, if you can overlook the morris dancers and the sword fighters. I loved this woman's 'fat tattooed lady' suit. One of my friends partook in a troupe of 'Daggy Dancers', who all dressed in white with 'Choose Life' on their chests and 80s hairstyles (a-la Olivia 'let's get physical' filmclip) and danced their way aerobically around the festival site, inciting (sorry) passers-by to join in. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of them. Another favorite was the pair of fluorescent aliens that roamed around at night, one on stilts who looked like a weird blowfly, coming up to sniff you from above, and the other, quite short, who would come up beside you while you were distracted by the first one. They would have made great pick-pockets. That pair did a LOT of people freaking.

Another street amusement was the 'Dave & Terry' stall. Dave & Terry sat in their stall with a computer, printer and ironing board, making odd t-shirts and undies (with maps of Tasmania on their fronts for the girls, tyre skid-marks on the back for boys). One of their favorite things to do was to go out on the street in front of their stall with two stuffed fluffy dogs and offer people 'shitzu' massages, or with a garden rake to offer 'rake-y' sessions, amongst other things. They're a regular Woodford fixture. I think they have a shop in Brisbane somewhere.

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anyresemblance said...

I'm so enjoying yr woodford files - you should be employed as their PR manager - on my list of future events to attend.