Monday, December 20, 2004

Clotts and Flourishes

A wee update on my lovely belly piercing -- and thanks for the comments!

I broke into heavy cramping yesterday which felt a lot like labour pains, and started passing large fleshy blood clots (sorry, it will get less graphic from here!). Lucky me, apparently the doctors left a bit of placental material inside me (actually, it was probably hiding behind my 6cm fibroid) and I started the miscarriage which I was supposed to have a few weeks ago. Charming, I must say. So, on my GP's advice, I had a hot bath, took some mighty strong painkillers (thank god for the modern age of medicine), padded myself up, then sat up into the night watching Quo Vadis on Turner Classic Movie Channel, distracting myself with Peter Ustinov's fabulous Nero-tic caperings in front of a burning Rome.

About 2.30am I started feeling relatively normal, and today I'm almost a new girl, albeit fairly tired.

I have high hopes for the success of our trip to Brisbane on Wednesday. I should have finished the antibiotics by Friday, which means that there is a large bottle of red wine waiting for me on Christmas day. Then to Woodford! I can't wait to see Vince Jones performing in the Big Top on Monday night. He comes to Canberra regularly, but I very rarely catch him. If it means I have to travel 22 hours to see him, so be it. Other highlights I can spot so far on the schedule are The Happy Sideshow (things.... just.... get... better!), Rumpel the Clown and Stringmansassy. Yay!

If I don't get back here before Christmas, I wish you and yours all the best (and good health -- gawd knows we all need it).


Link said...

Have a great time in Woodford. I went last year, take plenty of water and those atomiser things are good too. Vince Jones! Lucky thing. Give your body a break eh. Medical procedures Sheesh! They can ave em I reckon and should.

Zoe said...

It does feel better for your body to get things to rights doesn't it?

Have a great trip, and don't worry. Plenty of people get into the chair dancing at Woodforde, I've heard. Big kiss to all.

anyresemblance said...

Oh my, I've been slow in reading blogs this week and have only just realised what you've been going through. Hope all is right with you now and have a great trip.