Thursday, April 29, 2010

Remember to breathe


We bought Bumblebee a laptop for his birthday, and it arrived today. He did his homework super fast on my computer while I set his up, and now he's set up a Facebook account.

It's the start of a whole new era.




But I didn't shoot no comic sans



tigtog said...

Font-geek funnies! Love!

Now I get on to the fun-killing. Might I suggest, with his laptop, making sure that you have the admin account and that he only has a restricted user account? At least until he's 18?

If he is currently the only recognised user, log on as him, create another user account with admin privs, then switch to that account and bump him down to customisable user privs.

This will allow you all sorts of options wrt customising what he can and cannot access. You can also set up a separate account for leisure/hols time with extra privs where you can change the password any time you like to keep him out of those particular functions unless he's fulfilled your preconditions.

That's how I roll, anyhoos.

Martha said...

New serif in town:

Mindy said...

I suspect my seven year old would know more about doing that stuff than I would TT. Did you choose Mac or PC Ducky? I know you have a lovely new Mac laptop and was eyeing one off but still mired in indecision.

Ampersand Duck said...

Martha: ta for the extra laugh!
Mindy: PC, because that's what they use at school, and his teachers made us realise that it was time he got a clear run at a computer. But that means I'm in foreign territory... (and I agree with Pav, personal commenting is essential for blogging to thrive. I like hearing about you)

Tigtog: bless you, that's just what I needed to read. I'm following your sage advice forthwith. I'd planned to do SOMETHING, but hadn't worked out a clear strategy yet.

Zoe said...

And I remember reading somebody have a "no adult" friends rule on FB for kids, even family ones.

I find facebook very scary for the young peoples.

Orsm approach, tigtog. Really wise and practical.

jo said...

So are we now sans serif?