Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mackay [1]


Flew into Mackay yesterday -- fantastic views from the plane window, and each leg of the journey was uber-fast, meaning, I guess, that the winds were behind us. I didn't have to wait long between flights, maybe 15 minutes, so it was a lovely morning.

I was picked up at the airport and whisked into town to my serviced apartment at Quest Mackay. It's a studio apartment, so there's a huge bed, a small kitchen, a tv and a bathroom. What more does a girl need? Internet connection. It does have it, but the prices are exorbitant, so I went for a walk around and found somewhere to buy a dongle (something I've been meaning to do for ages).

I had a whole afternoon to muck about, and I spent a lot of it looking at the city, going to my favorite secondhand bookshop (that has categories like this)

lady authors

and hanging out in Caneland (mall), and then the rest of it got sucked up into dongle-problem-land. I made many calls to Indian help centres, I waited the requisite 20 minutes each time for things to activate, I got told to check my email for passwords when I had no internet access (!) and I got cranky as hell. And then we worked out that the sim card that came with the starter pack was damaged. Of course, this was worked out after business hours, and now I have no spare time within business hours, since my workshop starts this morning on the other side of town from the shop.

Sigh. So I'm using the Quest internet access after all, with a useless dongle sitting limply on the desk beside me and a wealth of double entendres at my fingertips.

Today I'm starting my Masterclass, called Print to Book, and I'm suitably nervous... how can I presume to know more than a bunch of other book artists? I'm sure it will be buckets of fun, but I can never help having nerves beforehand.

I haven't finished my talk yet either, for the same reason. I was almost there, but then got the brain wobbles about what I was actually trying to say, so I sat down last night and kept rewriting. I've written the first two thirds over and over, but the last third is still very larval. I'm not giving the talk until Sunday, so I have time... I hope!

Did I mention that I had a partial crown fitted to one of my back molars on Tuesday before I left? It feels so strange in my mouth, and is still quite tender (I have a cracked tooth). It all adds to the oddness of being away from home, an oddness I really enjoy.

OK, time to shower etc. If I can get the dongle up (fnar fnar), I'll be back quite soon...

PS was sent this link by Bumblebee's ACT Star Wars Collectors Club (he loves their meetings: they meet at Koko Black in Civic, and progress to the local comic shop, where they stand around drooling). It's actually really fun:

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