Saturday, April 03, 2010


I'm procrastinating dreadfully.

But if you want to see photos from the 3 Chords show, I've put them here.

Still, I managed to survive Bumblebee's sleepover last night, when he & two friends spent the day at the Folk Festival and then 'slept' in a tent in the back yard (lots of giggling, pillow-fighting and game-boying): I've been writing furiously, I've packed my clothes for the Mackay trip, and I've managed to see a few things at the Folk Festival. The tribute theme this year is Motown, and I got to see Carl Pannuzzo do a Stevie Wonder cover with only a ukelele and it was the most amazingly marvelous thing. So I'm doing alright.

Have a great Easter.


Ida said...

All the best in Mackay. Would love to be going but just can't manage it at the moment. Say hi to all the BAO folks.

Disappointed you are not on the Sturt winter school list of courses although i think 3 years in a row might have been a bit much. Am thinking about doing the wood block printmaking, would you recommend it?
Jane A

Ida said...

Just went to your 3 chords photos. All fab, but especially loved your work using the decaying sticky tape. the deemable unUSABLE says the most (hope that makes sense,lol,!)


Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks! I love the sticky tape too. The person who bought the butterfly work is a conservator, and she told me that eventually the sticky tape surface will just fall off, but the colour will remain, which really makes me happy!

I'm not doing Winter school, but I am, so far, doing the 2011 Summer School. Woodblock would be great, that's something I want to play with at some point too.

dinahmow said...

Yes, I like the 3 Chords pieces,too.

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday night. Sadly, can't make it to any of the classes (rather a lot of money disappeared into the black hole over the Tasman!)