Monday, April 12, 2010

Mackay (heading) [4] (home)

Gah! After a high-octane day pumping out 25 original pages for a group book with David Dellafiora, I'm now stuck at Brisbane airport waiting for my delayed flight. I was meant to board at 7, but am now boarding at about 9. Bum.

I'm completely shagged out, and am looking forward to a very quiet week with very little social interaction... I turned on my best performance for 5 days (and everyone was lovely today when I started to get a little bossy), but that's about the quota used up. Not that I get rude or anything, I just stop smiling so much and my brain gets very slow and vague.

Poor old BB audibly blanched over the phone when I told him that the new pickup time at the airport was 10.30pm. He finds it hard to stay up after 9:30pm at the best of times, let alone in the grip of man-flu, so I've offered to get a taxi home.

O, I can't wait to curl up under my doona with the cats! Cold weather! No moisture in the air! Still, it was a great week.

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