Friday, April 02, 2010

Photoblogging the week

a quickie, before I'm overrun by boys and the Folk Festival (Bumblebee's having an early birthday folk-laden sleepover party):

me at ANG
This is me, taking a self-portrait in the toilets of the National Gallery of Australia, the one chance I had to photograph what I was wearing before I trashed myself at the wedding we were attending (we'd got dressed in a bit of a rush). The skirt is Zoe's, the black lace top something I found in Vinnie's years ago. The wedding was lovely; the bride wore a full-length and tulle-filled red tartan number with bright orange hair, and we got to swan through the Paris exhibition in black tie rather than sit through tedious speeches.

tea party 2
My students enjoying our edible book tea-party. For more edible book shots, go here.

neckoracle (whole)
My contribution to the tea party: I call it a neckoracle. It's edible, wearable and readable... once eaten, the fortunes get rethreaded on the string to make a second version of the 'book'.

me. like a Nana
No photies of the exhibition yet, have had no time to take them... but here is I, pretending once again to be Nana Mouskouri. Narelle, the Gallery Officer for ANCA, made a clever zine-like catalogue for the 3 Chords show in which she cut up chunks of album covers to be covers for a concertina-fold price list & statement sheet. I nabbed the NM one instantly, and Byrd helped me laugh at myself once again.

And finally, let me help you laugh again too:

Growing up Minimalist meant she was easily amused. [Unhappy Hipsters]

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naomi said...

great photo of you and love the making!