Friday, April 16, 2010


Over the past few weeks I've been meeting really lovely people who read my blog. One such person came to the opening of 3 Chords and introduced herself* and then asked me how Bumblebee was going with school. Others were at Mackay, and there are always people who come up at things like the LifeLine Book Fair (WHICH STARTS TODAY PEOPLES) and shock the hell out of me, but it's to be expected, since I put myself and my loved ones out for show constantly.

Well, here's an update:

Today is Bumblebee's 13th birthday.

13th birthday

I like to think I've managed to capture a few of the many moods of teenhood here. He's in his new beloved (and progressively crustier) uniform of black skinny jeans, a black suede waistcoat (a great bargain found at the Folk Festival) and his black Dunlop Volleys, teamed with a progression of fave t-shirts and his permanent hat.

We (parents, grandparents) teamed up and bought him a laptop, which hasn't arrived yet, but I'm sure when it does he will start to develop his own distinct online presence. I've deliberately kept him from constant computer use, but it's time for him to immerse himself, at the recommendation of his teachers.

Over the last few days I've given myself what can only be decribed as a minibreak, a phrase I've up to now disparaged as English pompompery to be found in movies like Bridget Jones. Why couldn't they just call it a weekend away, I've always sneered. But having 2 days anytime in the week where you can just ignore the world is definitely a minibreak, and a wonderful thing.

Bumblebee and I had one day where we had a 'boyfest': we watched Iron Man and Clash of the Titans (one in our pyjamas, one in the cinema) and ate pancakes and choctops. The next day we did a chickflick fest and watched When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle and ate pancakes and Chinese dumplings. I love the fact that he's enthusiastic about both genres.

Today we are driving across to Harry's Discount Emporium in Fyshwick to check out his Star Wars stock and then we will poke our heads into the Book Fair. And then he goes to his Dad for the weekend, so, just like the day he took his first steps from his dad to me on an access visit, we both get to spend his first teen day with him.

What a dude, eh?

* and dammit, I can't find your card! Can you email me at ampersandduck[nospam, insert symbol here] and give me your detalis again? I am SO LOUSY at these things. It probably got washed in my jeans by my overzealous hubbie...


SCB said...

Happy birthday Bumblebee! Sounds like you're having a fab weekend. Sara

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Bumblebee. I have my own budding Star Wars fan, so we will have to check out Harry's as well by the sound of it.

genevieve said...

A very happy birthday to all of you. Wow. Lovely photos.

ThirdCat said...

Many happies...and here's to many more.

elsewhere said...

Well, he looks like a very swish young man!

Paper Chipmunk said...

Well golly--Bumblebee and I are birthday mates. (Alas, mine was 43, not 13). A very happy belated to him!

Ida said...

sons are wonderful things!!! love his taste in clothes...happy birthday

Mummy/Crit said...

Belated happy birthdays from C and D and E to B! We were up north soaking up the sun, so missed everything, including the bookfair (whcih makes two in a row!)

And happy birthing day to you mother duck! You've raised a fine young man there.