Monday, October 09, 2006

little nuggets

I have not written mad things,
For mad things do not enchant me;
But I have written the small and simple,
Lest the mad things haunt me.

Mary Gilmore, from 'Los Heridos', 1936

That's the most sense the old girl has made for days.

I was talking to someone today today who had heard someone else (!) reminisce recently about being a child meeting Dame MG. Her main memory was that MG was very old and she smelled funny.

Ah, don't you love those kinds of stories?


elsewhere said...

Yeah, but that's what everyone says about old bags from their childhood. Or that they had funny underwear.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yeah, and they did!
Gosh I'm looking forward to old age.

DestructoMeg said...

I love the fact that one day we will all be old and smell funny.