Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thumbs up to a crazy chick

Happy Birthday, Zoe!


Here's her hand, rating the Soccer sculpture at the Australian Institute of Sport. Let's hope she rates tonight's last night's soccer match more highly. (can you tell I'm not a sporty girl?)

Why don't you go over to Crazybrave and give her all of your lovin'. Actually, why don't you try this link, which doesn't take you to some commercial music site (blah, early morning typing mistake... :( )


Zoe said...

Oh, bless, Ducky. No-one should have to turn 35 after a game like last night's.

Hope we see your mob for some cake tonight. And wine!


Boysenberry said...

Did I miss a birthday post, or am I simply forgetting what I've read? :(

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, it's Zoe's birthday, not mine!
...and the cake was yum.

seldom said...

hi Duck, the letterpress drawer etc are at Down Memory Lane, in geelong St Fyshwick. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, I think. Your antispam word today is etchoyu - sounds like a sneeze. Appropriate?