Friday, June 30, 2006

Thoughts whilst driving under the influence of PMT

Bus drivers are freaks. They are sometimes worse than taxi drivers. I saw a bus driver tailgating a small car at top speed a-la Duel on a major thoroughfare.

Taxi drivers are freaks. (I'm not speaking casually here -- I used to be one).

The Australian National University has committed major crimes to drivers and cyclists by closing off a road which puts tremendous strain on West Civic and cuts off the art school from civilization. Getting to work now involves advanced thinking and convoluted detours which vary according to the exact minute before 9am that I started driving.

It's effing cold.

Most people sitting at traffic lights seem to think that no one else can see them picking their nose. And eating it.

I saw a woman wearing all black except for a band of t-shirt that was a pastel yellow and a pastel pink coat and she looked like a liquorice allsort (mmm... liquorice allsorts)

I need chocolate.

Only 6 hours until I have to find my way home again.


cristy said...

Are they closing that road permanently? It looks like they are paving it so as to create a pedestrian walk-way between the Street Theatre and the old worker's club.

The roadworks have certainly made riding my bike into uni a little more tricky and dangerous.

Ampersand Duck said...

it's absolutely shocking how hard it is to ride or drive around that area! I really hope they don't close it permanently, because the flow-on effects will be disastrous. Best-case scenario is a more pedestrian-friendly road.

I don't understand the ANU's attitude to transport. They make it extremely hard to drive, ride or even walk into the site. And of course, those in power have their own parking spots -- and company cars -- so nothing impacts upon them.

Boysenberry said...

I steer clear of that part of ANU as much as I can now. Don't even get me started on parking as a part-time student...

And I'll try to stop picking my nose at the lights :)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

beaut post, Ducky!