Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shifting the load

Never believe a type tray that is marked '48pt Universe Light'. It is f**king heavy.

I spent a few hours rearranging the type area of the Bookstud on the weekend. Well, it started as an hour on Saturday, then I planned to spend two hours on Sunday, but it blew out to four because I got really obsessive about not only getting the cabinets in a more sensible configuration, but I wanted all the type trays to be in order and sorted by fonts, as they should be in any self-respecting print workshop.

I had to make room for two more cabinets, one of which I picked up in Melbourne on my epic ute trip and the other I inherited in a shady deal here in Canberra which I shall take to my grave.

I moved 194 trays of type! Out of cabinets then back into cabinets. Admittedly around 20 of which are empty, but the other 174 were most definitely loaded with metal (and wood) letters.


Before, I had one double-sided row of cabinets, which were ok, but messy looking. I don't seem to have any photos of this stage, except this one which could double up as an entry for Self-Portrait Tuesday if you look hard enough:

Now, I have a Type Alley! People can lose themselves in my little corner of type heaven:

I've been setting lines of poetry today, and it feels great to have a neat, tidy and organised type area (except for the trays of hell type, which are my next obsession).

And gawd, my neck hurts! I think I overdid the lifting a bit. But it was so worth it.

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