Friday, May 05, 2006

A coming of age

Best Beloved, as regular readers know, is one of those men who didn't have a lot of love experience before he met me. Growing up thinking you're an ugly freak because of your chronic acne doesn't encourage a lot of flirtatious experimentation. However, he is now a tall, handsome, and friendly man. I think he's a bit of a catch, but his earnestness makes people think he's a bit of a nerdy pedant until they scratch the surface and encounter his wit.

He came home the other day quite shocked that a young woman had flirted with him at the bus stop. Bless his fuzzy heart, he apparently had chatted along and then realised what she was doing, and so tried to make his wedding ring very obvious. I tried to explain that she had probably noticed it before she started talking to him, and that rings aren't magic talismans to ward off flirtatious females. On the contrary, sometimes they're the sexiest thing about the flirting. He looked incredulous.

Normally he rides his bike to work, wearing stripy leggings under shorts and looking completely daggy. Today, however, after a yummy birthday breakfast (in bed) of pancakes with stewed fruit, he slicked himself up in a nice shirt and jeans and made some excuse about needing to look nice on a friday for a meeting or something. And then trotted down to the bus stop. But I know different. He's hoping for another chance to flirt. Heh. He'd never ever dream of doing anything false to our relationship, but I'm sure it's a buzz to find out that you can pull a chick.

Happy birthday BB. You've finally discovered you're a beautiful human being.

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