Monday, May 15, 2006

Backtack 3 update

I'm very conscious of the fact that my Backtack softie should be well under way, especially since I have to get it to Japan by June!

Yesterday I went into school and did some experimental fabric printing.

I decided that I'd try using the nipping press instead of the large electric cylinder press; after all, many good prints have been produced on such presses.

By the way, here's a wonderful image I stumbled upon... this is the entire printmaking studio of an Australian girls' school in the 1920s! (Makes me think it's the way we're heading, when so many printmaking facilities are downscaling their equipment in favour of digital printmaking. Hmmm. We'll see what survives longest.)

I decided to use 'hell-type' (a phrase helpfully passed on to me a few weeks ago), which is type that has been sitting in the dissing drawers for years waiting to be distributed by some generous typeslave technical assistant. Also some trays of fresh type, also undistributed.

So I pulled out a few drawers, made sure they were nice and clamped up, and rolled 'm up.

Here's some of the results:

I won't show all, because that would undermine the fun of this project! Of course, because I used naughty oil-based ink, this won't be a softie to pass on to babies. I'll have to make that clear to its imminent owner.

Tee hee. Fun. Now to start sewing.

POSTSCRIPT Here's the finished bunny, FYI!

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