Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bored Tuesday is Back (with girl talk alert)

... but hopefully only for a week. I am being a temporary Technical Officer for printmaking students. There are LOTS of things on my personal To Do list, but here I am stuck in a small office waiting for students to come to me with requests for more newsprint or rags. But it's Tuesday, art theory day, and there's only about 3 students here. Blogs are keeping me alive. I could probably make work, but hell, I've got enough to do when I get home tonight. That's when I really start working.

Anyhoo, thanks to Barista, I found The Saddest Thing I Own, which is a beautifully sad place to browse, second only to Postsecrets, which I've mentioned before but is always worth a look when you're feeling wurty.*

I'm feeling wurty today. It's that time of the month again, and while I keep saying I'm only trying casually to procreate again, I am trying hard enough to care at least a little bit when I start bleeding. Most of my brain gives a big heave of relief, because pregnancy at my age and with my insides is a dodgy proceeding, and I have a lot of plans that involve me *not* being out of the loop, but a little part of my brain goes 'bugger' and gets wurty. I like to indulge that small part for about a day, then I think of all the up-sides and keep going. The indulgence seems to go hand-in-hand with the menstrual pain, and today I forgot my sodding painkillers.

So I'm bored, and hurting, but not in a big way. There's many people worse off than me. Time to go and change the newsprint rolls.

*Wurty = a word I made up when I was an adolescent. A cross between wistful and hurting. When you're wurty you want to eat chocolate and watch romantic comedies.

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