Monday, April 10, 2006

How to baffle someone

Video Shop, Dickson, ACT, a few years ago.
Best Beloved has just joined as a member.

Young Person Behind Computer: Thanks for that, Mr BB. Here's your photo id back. Now, what would you like as your password?

BB [purses lips and half breathes, half speaks]: Wh.

YPBC: I beg your pardon?

BB: Wh.

YPBC: Did you just say 'Wh'?

BB [pulling himself up to his full height of over 6ft and looking very serious]: Is there a problem?

YPBC: No, no sir. 'Wh'. Sure. How do you spell that?

BB: W. h.

YPBC: uh huh. Thanks sir, come again.

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