Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Pt II: a Canberra Duckee in King Arthur's Court

Dateline: Saturday, 15 April 2006
Duckie and Bumblebee visit the 2006 Rowany Festival, near Yass. It is Market Day, with a number of children's events, such as a Boffing Tourney and a Queen's Militia Quest. Bumblebee has managed to cobble together his own costume; I have borrowed threads, thanks to the lovely ladies from For Battle!

Bumblebee gets to live his dream:

Choosing sides at the fort: storm or be stormed.

have at you
Battle worthy opponents...

it's only a flesh wound
And kill them... 'come back, it's only a flesh wound!' [LOTS of Monthy Python banter all day, of course]

cockroach monster
... fight scary monsters to protect the Queen's Honour
[This was a cockroach monster, about to go and place himself on a hillside behind a few bushes, to catch small Questers unawares. Very thick costume required to protect oneself from onslaught of many whacks from boffing weapons!]

Real Sword
...and experience REAL weapons
[feel the solemnity!]


As for myself, I wandered around variously with Fuschia, Coz and Meg with guest appearances from other interesting bloggers and people I actually knew in real life (!) and observed the following:

beer quiver
Beer Quiver: the right way to carry your ale

Medieval maidens
keeping the toys in theme (all hand-sewn)

Sword envy
Sword envy, complete with headdress-less hussy

baby chain mail
Baby chain mail, not sure if it's to protect or punish [it was VERY heavy!]

Ye Olde Medieval Snickers
Ye Olde Medieval Chocolate bars (and other essentials), snuck into the corner of an armoury stall...

And finally...

Coz - Woman To Watch Out For
Coz -- Woman to Watch Out For

There are many more images, and to protect the broadband-less I will stop here. If you want to see them, visit my Rowany flickr repository.

It was a gorgeous day, albeit a tad freezing. Many, many thanks to you Lords and Ladies who entertained me muchly. It was grand, and Bumblebee hasn't stopped talking about it. I mainly liked the escape factor. It was very odd to drive back into Canberra afterwards. Heaven knows what it was like for those who stay the whole weekend!

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