Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How to baffle me

Spammers are getting more devious, aren't they? Lately I've been getting the oddest emails, and I can only guess that they're getting through because of the weird waffle placed on either side of what they're trying to promote. They use real names, probably some poor sod's Windows address book pilfered via a virus, and then they do this [Company names and stock details have been changed]:

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SPEW should be one of the most profitable stocks to trade. We think the fun is just beginning with this stock.

Trade Date : 2006, April 10
Company : New Country Making Waves
Stock : SPEW
Price : $1.50
Expectations : 300-500%

Here is a special company that may be set to make a move in the near future - this could be your opportunity to be ahead of the curve! Can you make some fast money on this one? Put it on your radar now. There is a massive promotion underway this weekend apprising potential eager investors of this emerging situation. Big watch in play this tomorrow morning!


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Where do they get this stuff??!!

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