Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Attenzione all printmakers!

Lawrence Finn is an ardent supporter of all things print, especially if they happen in Australia. I get all inspired whenever we get in touch. His latest project is about to pop out of his wife, so he's cleverly created a few virtual projects to tide him over until he can get printing again.

The first is his own website, something I've been trying to do for ages to no avail. Again, he's inspired me.

The second, and probably more useful to you if you're a printmaker or printer, is a website called It's setting out to be a directory of Australian, NZ, Pacific and Asian printmaker artists. Great concept. It's also encouraging the inclusion of images of yourself at work, which is great for those who love seeing other people's studios.

(This, BTW, is an image of me at work, but without me in the photo. It's my printing notebook, in which I keep a record of ink colours, press settings, thickness of paper, etc. I index everything at the front, so that I can refer back to my notes months later. It's a good blank hardback book which started life as a publisher's book dummy. It's my best printing friend.)

If you're a printmaker, do register yourself with this new directory, if only to support the concept. You never know what good things might come out of it...

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