Thursday, April 20, 2006

And we're off...

Question: why were there only two people serving a long lunchtime queue in Lincrafts, yet no less than five Till-Slaves in a tiny Donut King booth? Each eagerly taking turns asking the two people on the other side of the counter if they needed help.
'Yes', I replied. 'I needed help five minutes ago in Lincrafts. where were you?'

Anyhoo. In the recently developed tradition of Ducky attempting to do everything at once, I have enrolled to play Backtack 3, which seems to be a huge worldwide craft group hug involving Soft Animals and Rules. I got the bug from reading the exciting adventures of craftapalooza and thinking that it would be fun to have a play with some material printing and letterpress. Then this popped up with the theme of black and white, and I couldn't resist.

So from now until June 10 or thereabouts, I'll occasionally post my adventures in trying to print and sew a softie. Then I get to take photos of it and send it to someone nice in the world (I received her name yesterday) along with a few other choice titbits of my choosing. Then around the same time, I'll get one from someone else who is making their softie with me in mind.

Oh la, I love a parcel. (Ahem. Not very good at sending them, sometimes -- it really *is* coming, Kate :) )

OK. Off to a meeting of the ACT Bookbinders' Guild tonight, to have fun with Clam Shell Boxes. Huzzar!

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