Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Pt I

Taking five minutes to sit down and stop running. Since I don't drink coffee or smoke, blogging is the only way to take a break sometimes.

I'm trying to get a huge party for nine-year-olds together in the next 3 hours. Then a mate is turning up from Melbourne to stay the weekend. Then the National Folk Festival starts (we have a season ticket). A client just dropped around some urgent work to be done by the end of Easter. I promised Bumblebee a day at Rowany on Saturday (and I will honour the promise, if only to clap eyes on the For Battle mob at play). My parents are coming up to spend the day with us on Sunday. My in-laws are arriving tonight, and not just the parentals, but the siblings. Thankfully not staying in the house (only thankfully in regards to space, or lack of it). I don't think I'll be catching much music, unfortunately. Must remember to breathe.

OK. five minutes up. Must keep energy up. Will keep posting between events, with any luck.

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