Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Remember to breathe

...into the balloons. This is the most awesome piece of random balloon art. Two gold teddybears with the rest of their balloon sticking out of their backs and held together by a silver balloon which forms an adjustable headpiece and sweeps upwards to a bobbing tip which one onlooker called 'phallic' but I think she was wishful thinking.

Made by Adrian the ex-public servant who plays with balloons and odd juggling accessories at the National Folk Festival. I happened past him while he was creating it and he gave it to me for Bumblebee, who hadn't made this festival this year because it was an Albatross Easter (see Glossary on sidebar). B loved it and wore it for a few days straight.

Last year he made us a small pink balloon bear suspended inside a balloon bubble. Placed on a shelf reverently, it lasted most of the year, contracting gently until it looked like a dead (but dry) condom. The hat seems to be shrinking at a faster rate, probably because it was worn lovingly to bed by a small boy.

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