Thursday, April 28, 2005

And the floor keeps moving

Ahh, you see, my feeling of universal balance always proves true. Many good things have happened to me today, just in little ways, but as the day has progressed, I have descended further into head-cold hell.

Every single time I've parked today I've found a ticket in the parking machine (you know: someone has paid for more time than they needed, so put the ticket back for the next person to use when they were finished. I tend to do this, so it pleases me greatly when the gift comes back) or the parking meter full.

I heard a gorgeous song on the radio by Madeleine Peyroux, ran to my favorite record shop and asked if they had it (thankyou, taxman!) and they had just sold out. Ten minutes later they rang me on my mobile to say that someone had decided not to buy their copy that was on hold, would I like it? Hooray! Now humming song constantly. Goddamn she sounds like Billie Holliday, until you hear the whole album and realise that Billie was a way better vocalist. Doesn't matter, Madeleine is still superb.

It's a beautiful day, again. 27 degrees, the radio said. But I'm hot and cold shivers, and the sunshine hurts my eyes. Bugger. Oh well, another day in bed can only do me good. This time, however, I will be able to read.

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