Monday, April 25, 2005

More books, hurting brain

Caveat Emptor (detail), originally uploaded by Ampersand Duck.

Still a bit fragile from negating many, many brain cells yesterday. I think I'll just quietly mount some books (in the virtual sense). excuse the lack of wit today, I'm just not up to it.
This is a detail from a little book with an embossed letterpress cover. A lot of the books I make are fairly small-scale, as coptic binding gets a bit wobbly in large-scale binding.

This is celtic weaving up close
Celtic weaving up close again, this one's a bit better than on "Mr Tangerine Speedo" (scroll down).

I've been really enjoying that orange Indian khadi paper, so here's a few variations on a theme (bearing in mind that I never make the same book twice, either the binding, or the paper for the pages, or the size varies).

Orange cardigan (closed)
Orange cardigan (open)
This one I call Orange Cardigan as I used a nice big feature button for the tie which came from an old angora cardigan. This is one of my bigger books.

Celtic bronze (closed)
I called this Celtic Bronze as it uses celtic weaving on the spine.
Waiter, there's a hair in my paper
Waiter, I've got a hair in my paper...

Buyer Beware
This is a bit like the embossed cover at the top of this post, except it's got ink on the type. This is a really sweet little book, but I'm just a sucker for square formats. Title?Buyer Beware.

Blue Moon
Blue Moon. This has a really nice vintage button tie.

And lastly, the one called 'Pink Bits'.
Pink Bits
Pink Bits (open)
Pink Bits has a unique monoprint and solvent transfer cover, with a coptic binding.

OK, that'll do you. Best Beloved just offered me a cider, and I gave him a return look that reminded him of a wounded animal. I don't think I'll imbibe for a while yet. Not until I can think without ouches.

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Gianna said...

wow. i love these, they're gorgeous.