Monday, April 04, 2005

FOR SALE: trusty old Mac with lots of trimmings

I'm going to cast this out on e-bay eventually and see if anyone at all is interested in this, but I will first float it upon blogosphere:

For sale: Macintosh computer
-- Powermac 7200/120 (1996) 56 MB RAM, 400-odd MB hard drive (I think I've got that right! Lots of storage space for its time, and I kept upgrading the memory as I needed to make bigger books).

-- System 8.6, can take floppies and has an internal CD-burner plus a spare internal CD which can be hooked up.

-- Screen is Apple Multiple Scan 15 Display (colour), the mouse is a high-tech can-work-in-space thingy (doesn't need a mouse pad). Scussy connections.

-- It also comes with an Apple Colour Onescanner (i.e. a flat-bed scanner, which works remarkably well) and a modem (Geoport).

-- All manuals and disks still here for the hardware (except the scanner).

The best thing about this computer is that there is a shitload of software in it, some of which has disks and manuals and some of which doesn't. It contains Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Toast, Solitaire till Dawn and a good selection of fonts. Plus various other little bits and pieces that I've probably forgotten about.

It is old by today's blink-and-it-moves-on standards, but I've looked after it well and it's not past a healthy working life for someone who wants to play with a bit of graphic design or art-making. Great for playing all those old games that you've still got on disk. Fun for the kids!

Anyone interested? I'm in Canberra, and happy to sell it for a song, especially to a good home. It's too capable to take out to the tip! Lots of life left in it, just don't have enough space to set it all up anymore.

If you know ANYONE who might be interested, please pass on the URL (Hint: If you click on the time below at the end of the post, you will get the URL for this particular post. Cut & paste it into your email/blog/whatever). And get in contact.

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