Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kerrie Ann's shining moment

Reminded, by reading Sorrow at Sill's Bend and the wonderful Ode, to the pearls of England therein, of a comment made by that glamorous lump of facelifted excrement badly-extruded Barbie plastic, Kerrie Ann Kennerley, during the broadcast on Channel 9 of the Royal Wedding:

'That's a gorgeous hat worn by Camilla. I wonder who it was made of, I mean, from.'

She then dug herself deeper by saying that another notable couple had been married in the Chapel, but couldn't remember who. After the ad break she quite happily said 'That's right, it was Edmund and Sophie.'

Actually, the classiest part of the whole 'link' concept (as if watchers of commercial tv couldn't cope with unadulterated BBC) was Kerrie Ann herself, in a very tight hot-pink satin dress dipped to show off her newly-ironed decolletage and a lot of rhinestones, sitting in front of a set painted bright yellow, with a plastic pot of roses and a plate of pink-iced fairy cakes beside her.

Clarsy, doncha think?

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Splat Guy said...

I did note in the credits that they thanked "Victorian High Teas", so obviously they went all out and bought real food. And hey, who wouldn't present a TV show with dainty sandwiches behind them?