Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Waiting Game

Just done my civil duty and voted -- not just once, but twice. None of this stretching-things-out-over-two-weeks-if-you-live-in-Canberra bullshit, no sirree. Popped into my local primary school and voted nationally, then wizzed on the bike over to the ACT Legislative Assembly and voted territorially. Far fewer people on the second stop, of course, which made it a pleasure. Next weekend I can just sleep in (in Tumut, mind you). I hate election day. It always smacks of righteousness, especially as you walk out of the polling booth. Everyone has done their democratic duty, whether for good or evil, and off they go, feeling good about themselves. I tend to sit outside the door for a while, wondering if I have any grasp on the mood of the country or not. The last election spooked me. I was so hopeful for a change. This time it's deemed to be a closer call, but how many scared people are there? How many closet Liberal voters? It consols me slightly that while the people of Canberra have to host all the dickheads that make up our government, they tend to vote fairly progressively. There was a huge rash of 'Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him' bumper stickers on the streets of Canberra after the last Federal Election, and I'm sure they'll reappear in force if the bastard gets in again. Oh, it's too depressing to think about. I've been off the grog for a few months (tryng to sprog, but more on that another time), but if the Liberal Party get ousted tonight I'll be celebrating in style, I promise.

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Zoe said...

Hello loved one. What a crappy morning. The sole consolation I can draw from this is that sixty percent plus of we fine residents of the electorate of Fraser voted for Bob McMullan.