Friday, October 22, 2004

Text du jour

Find out for yourself

Well, don't bother because the link doesn't work anymore. Bastards moved the page to their archives and I can't be bothered delving to find it. Basically it was about a fellow in the 19th century who established a museum in England (as rich men with large collections tend to do) and now the museum staff are having trouble sending emails and maintaining a website for the museum because of its name.
'What is the name?' I hear you cry. The HORNIMAN Museum. Apparently spamblockers and web censors are going crazy every time an email from this place hits any server. Fabulous. I'd love to hear of any other names having problems with this sort of modern dilemma.


Rantz said...

Here's the link for the Museum itself but I'd still like to read the article - can't find it on Yahoo...


Rantz said...

Aaaaah... here's one.