Thursday, October 21, 2004

Printmakers unite

Very exciting, all this blogging. All sorts of connections wiring up. I'm now promising to be involved in what sounds like a damn exciting venture involving the noble art of printmaking. Lawrence Finn has launched a gallery in Sydney called Gallery 451 Printermakers Artist Initiative. Makes me drool just thinking about it. Well, there's lots of galleries who show prints, but the difference is that this one is political! Vibrant! Encouraging discussion! Fabbo. As I said to Lawrence, all I have to do now is get off my BFFA (maybe I should start a glossary in my sidebar; hmm, good idea) and make some work. Work for myself, that is. I'm always making work for others.

Oh -- and thank you Zoe, for the encouraging words. I'm glad to hear that dirty letters can be entertaining!

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