Friday, October 08, 2004

Inside a bubble

Just went to see Conan the Bubbleman at the Street Theatre. One of the best things about having kids is being able to go to fun things and watch their minds and faces open with pure joy. Actually, it is easier to do this with one kid than a large family, for obvious reasons. Live theatre is not cheap, nor, as we all know, are movies -- but let's not get me on a rant.

Conan was fabulous, as usual. He made what I think is the biggest bubble I've ever seen him make on his light table. It rose and rose and rose and then he made it undulate and pulsate, which was the sexiest sight. I have seen his show over and over and never get sick of the sight of an enormous bubble rippling up through the dark air like a rainbow jellyfish, looking like I could catch it in my arms and squeeze it like a stress ball. Then it bursts and the reality of its fragility catches my breath. Another moment I love is when he has a double line of fishing line strung down from the ceiling, dripping bubble mix, which he eases apart to make a flat reflective skin of bubble. As he turns slowly, in the moment before he moves the string to sway out the bubble, the skin looks like a portal, something Conan can leap through to travel... well, anywhere.

If you want a virtual Conan fix, check out his website, above. However, nothing beats the real thing. Above is also a photo that I took at an earlier show. Nothing like the images on his website!

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