Monday, October 04, 2010

Slothness abounds

Goodness me, I have to get through this marsh of sludge and start marching!

Blame Canberra; we've had TWO long weekends in a row, and while I work for myself and can ignore such things, having all my loved ones around me in the house and the cats lingering because we're around doesn't really inspire me to go up to the studio.

I had a lovely birthday. I was cooked my favorite breakfast (Eggs Benedict, with some of the wonderful peppery rocket that is going wild in our garden), received some good presents: a brooch that I picked out in Dunedin, tipped off by a jeweller friend who told me that D was the epicentre of contemporary NZ jewellery design; the DVD of an anime called The Girl who Leapt Through Time; a funky rubber duck from my lovely Sasha in Qld, some good books from family (including Barbara Hanrahan's latest biog) and $100 of book vouchers from Colonel & Lady Duck. Oh, and lots of chocolate from the cats. How lucky am I?

Thank you to Lexicon Harlot for pointing out the significance of turning a prime number just after I'd been working on a project called Prime. Lovely.

We had a bit of a picnic in the park near Floriade, our annual flower festival. It threatened rain, so we had a skeleton turnout, but when it did actually rain I had a posse of practical people, led by byrd, who had a tarp to string up over us. Of course, by the time it was fully functioning, we were quite damp and the rain had stopped, but it was a lovely shade cover as well, and a good time was had. Then we went for a walk through Floriade briefly, but the rain returned with a vengeance, and so we ran back to the cars and went home.

Last night Bumblebee went off to the Duck farm for the week, and tomorrow Best Beloved goes back to work, so I will give myself a good long hard look at my 'To Do' list and roll my sleeves up. In the meantime, I'm still being slow and vague. I think I'll sort out the remainder of my holiday snaps.


Rhubarb said...

Happy Birthday Duck! Sounds as if you've had lovely presents. Know what you mean about slothfulness: I really need to do some work too but am feeling slightly soggy and want to curl up in a ball on the sofa, eat chocolate and read. Hmm, that's a great plan for the afternoon! Enjoy yourself, Sara x (AKA Rhubarb and well past my Prime *sniff*)

Mummy/Crit said...

Oh yes, the sloth is strong here too. Being sick all winter hasn't helped, I reckon. Sorry to miss the Floriade shenanigans.

Goebte said...

Happy Birthday! I have been following you for some time after I discovered via LibraryThing that we have a number of books in common. I hope you have read yours.

I thought I would help you with your 'To Do' list or, as it would be in my case, my 'to do if I ever bother' list.

Ampersand Duck said...

Welcome Goebte, thanks for delurking! You've just made me remember that I should be uploading the rest of my library to LibraryThing, so that's TWO things you've made me add...

Doesn't Boyle have exquisite handwriting?!

Ampersand Duck said...

Heh, I love thinking of you as Rhubarb, Sara!