Monday, October 11, 2010

have bird, can loll


Padge didn't catch this bird, and I'm willing to bet that he didn't kill it, but he was happy to take the credit.


He also refuses to accept blame.

Pooter, on the other hand, scarpered, and refused to acknowledge whether he had or hadn't been in the general vicinity.


ronnie said...

BAD CAT! - tell both boys that they are on notice...... you may relate the following morality tale to both - whilst you were off trying on a nu zeelind accent we 'acquired' Dante-the-Dreadful (beautiful chocolate burmese.... not dissimilar to Pooter) he was run out of town for crimes against birds and small wildlife.... escaped the needle to end all needles by the skin of his teeth (and the soft spot in my partner's head.... I mean heart for burmese kitties)

say NO to birds....

Ampersand Duck said...

I totally agree, Ronnie. When they catch birds they are punished and scowled at (with wide eyes, of course, because human scowls are actually cat love-eyes) and chucked out of the house.

When they catch mice, they are praised to high heaven!

Sometime I think they understand, and then another bird comes in. Sigh.

Dante sounds lovely. I'm sure he'll learn fast... I hope!

Paper Chipmunk said...

Ach! My sympathies. I got a bird delivery through the cat door myself a couple of weeks ago. Ecgh!

Great pic of the large bellied, satisfied looking Mr. P, whether or not he was actually responsible.

elsewhere said...

Looks like a flat cat!