Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Print Install 2


Wow, it's late already. I can't believe how fast time is moving.

Everyone went home a while ago, which meant that we could turn up the music. The space we're in, the Fitter's Workshop, has been tentatively promised to Megalo as a new home to form an Arts Hub with the Glassworks, which is next door, and the Bus Depot Markets, also next door. However, there is a sector of the community which is protesting the idea, saying that the acoustics are too good to waste on art, and that it should be kept for a concert venue. Apparently classical music sounds really, really good in here, and I believe them. Everything we've been playing has sounded superb, and crystal clear from any part of the building, even when the stereo is turned right down.

Right now it's turned right up, and we're listening to Massive Attack's Mezzanine. Earlier we had The Black Keys (OMG, the bass!) and even earlier some Radiohead, amongst other things. The working experience has been completely enriched by the sound quality.

But the space should still go to Megalo.

Anyhoo, things are progressing. We've managed to place the text in ways that enhance the total vision and adds extra layers to what it's trying to say. Byrd's still working on the collage phase, so we give ourselves tasks and do them separately, coming together to discuss placement, tone, and whether I should run out for more caffeine beverages or not.

I made him take the camera at one point, just to prove that I'm actually doing some work and not sitting around just taking photos and blogging.


I'm not sure whether the spraying part of the procedure will be tonight or tomorrow morning; depends on his stamina. We have the key, and have to go through an elaborate locking up process, and then have to be back early tomorrow to let the others in, so we might as well keep working then, and then there's a media launch at 10am, so we should be here then.


Megalo's been very generous, providing dinner and wine and water bottles and whatever else. The party tomorrow night should be ace, if I have any stamina left!

Hold that thought.

Of course, many more photos here.


ronnie said...

you're making me tired thinking about all the effort.... have fun (sorry I'm too worn out to write anything more exciting....)


Carol said...

This is looking most exciting. I love the layout of the huge cubes. Enjoy the party, I'm sure you'll have the stamina!

lucytartan said...

oh wow, it looks fantastic - sort of Vorticist.

Angela Gardner said...

Looks fabulous but hard work to install. Sorry I couldn't be there to help, very inspiring to see my words from 'Notes to Architects' being used this way. I'm looking forward to many more collaborations. I've put a link on my blog: but it would be great to have some photos! Angela

Anonymous said...

The opening was great!

The speakers were difficult to hear tho which was a little frustrating... a milk crate might have come in handy?

I think the acoustics are too good for art... alone. I think it should some how be a joint space. I love the idea of an arts hub in Canberra and I think it could work as a shared music space too! I know nothing of the details of the tug of war over the place... having only heard about it yesterday but surely a joint venture would be a win for everyone?!

I heard some trumpeters practicing in there a few months ago and it was down right etherial. And I don't like classical music in anyway... but it knocked my socks off.