Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A perpetuall Light

brindabella lake sky

I was going to call this post Remember to breathe, as usual (well, as long overdue), but then Goebte sent me a link in a comment on the last post that led me to a much better 'To Do' list than mine could ever be.

This is the kind of light I missed in Dunedin.

tower sky

I'm sure their sky can be beautiful too (I didn't get to see much clear or unrainy sky), and it certainly was a lovely sky over the harbour when we cruised about looking for albatross, but Canberra has such a WIDE and dramatic sky. Judith Wright wrote a poem about Canberra clouds once, and I found it and have since lost it, but I'm going to find it again and do something with it.

One more, then I'm off to the studio to print BIG.


This one isn't the sky, but it made me laugh when I noticed it -- I was looking down instead of up, and saw the Cheshire Cat's grin below me.

All of these photos --and my other ones -- were taken last night from the penthouse apartment of a friend. We sat in the apartment (she moved in 2 days ago), looking at the view with a glass of champagne and wondered at the shifts of fate that brought her/us there.

'Isn't this expensive?' I asked her.
'Yes,' she said, 'but it's cheaper than a mortgage, and I promised myself that when I got old I wouldn't regret a single thing in my life, and I want to have a good fun life.'

Huzzar! That's the spirit.



dinahmow said...

All lovely, but I really like the final. Have you noticed that it's a map of Southern Europe? Right in the middle-a truncated France/Iberia, with Italy threatening to annex the Balkans!

curious said...

That is an amazing list. Thanks for sharing.

genevieve said...

I would at least like these three things out of that amazing list:
The Acceleration of the Production of things out of Seed,
Potent Druggs to alter or Exalt Imagination, Waking, Memory, and other functions, and appease pain, procure innocent sleep, harmless dreams, etc.
A Ship to saile with All Winds, and A Ship not to be Sunk
(I guess that's really four.)
Let's add in the penthouse as well. It looks like a lot of fun.

*blessoi* heh