Monday, October 18, 2010

Sharing the love


I think I've done my bit for the promotion of letterpress as a satisfying thing to do over the past couple of days.

Around the same time (give or take a day) that I was expounding to the printmaking audience at the National Gallery Print Symposium about the wonders of ink and type, New Zealanders were listening to me talking to Lynn Freeman on Radio New Zealand's The Arts on Sunday show. If you hit that link, there's a downloadable podcast of the interview. The NGA talk will be on their website sometime in the near future too, and I'll pass on that link when I get it.

Also, Print Big had around 900 visitors yesterday! Woo hoo! It helped that the weather was lovely and the venue is right next door to the Bus Depot Markets. I couldn't get back there until the exhibition was over, but the big monoprint that the public did looked FABULOUS.


So we had to take everything down. Demolition, after such a frenetic creation, had to be demolished. Well, not totally -- we took apart the panels & it's now sitting in pieces outside my studio.

It went from this

final, rough

to this


via this

byrd crowbar

and this


and this

Demo panels

with a little bit of this


and lots of this


oops, look at the time -- have to dash.


Mahri Autumn said...

Looks like alot of fun - and the wall looks great : )

naomi said...

Gosh that looks like fun

Di said...

Your wall was the highlight of the show, congratulations!