Friday, June 26, 2009

Just last night

I was telling Best Beloved that I want to track down a copy of The Wiz.

Why? he asked.

Because Michael Jackson makes my heart ache when I watch him before all his insecurities erupted in a bodily fashion.

Well, obviously you can.

Oh rats, I always said he'd never make it past 50, and I also made a small bet with BB that he'd never fulfill the highly ambitious (and debt-fuelled) plans for a ginormous comeback tour.

So I guess I was right, but I don't feel smug about it. MJ has always made me feel sorrowful, maybe because I grew up watching him from wee one to weird one.

Poor old Bumblebee is a bit shattered. He's had MJ on high rotation for ages, and it's been vaguely disturbing me that the man had the power to attract 11 yo boys from such a geographical and chronological distance. But now he can stay young forever, and be worshipped from afar, which is exactly what he's always wanted.

I wonder if he wanted to be preserved or something? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Postscript: Cheered immensely by a lovely silly bit of chemistry thanks to Coconut with a Motor. Absolutely nothing to do with MJ, but just the ticket, nonetheless:


genevieve said...

Ooh, the chemistry! YES, that got a reaction :D.
I will send that to my daughter, that's terrific. Thanks!
And I agree, it is very sad about Mr J - but thank goodness he did not implode during that ridiculously strenuous concert contract either. Though finally leaving the building is a damn shame, of course.


byrd said...

i wanted to see some of the latest additions to the periodic table, those super heavy elements like 112 Uub. How do they behave socially...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yeah... I was sad too. I don't think he had a very happy life, eh? I get so angry at parents who fuck their children's lives up, because I suspect fucked up is the norm at the Jackson Compound. well, you've only got to look at Janet or La Toyah to confirm that.

watching the Rage tribute on Friday night just made me want them to do a proper one - it was a good selection but so many more to choose from.

blame it on the boogie.


Carol said...

Can't really comment on MJ cos I must be the only person in the world who had never watched an MJ video (until now, when I've seen scraps), but I did love the World of Chemistry.