Sunday, June 08, 2008

Keating! The musical we had to see

Last night a posse of true believers (and me) went to teh Canberra Theatre to see Keating! The Musical.

A small selection of us had a quick dinner in a Thai restaurant in Civic, who told us when we tried to order dessert, that 'the kitchen was too busy to make desserts', even though there was a fab dessert section on the menu. Well, puck you too, we thought. Let's just go to the theatre a bit early and have an alcoholic dessert whilst we await the others. I've never had a restaurant refuse things like that before. How rude was that?

I loved Keating! It's spare and clever stagecraft was excellent, and the ensemble were brilliant -- and I totally include the band in that statement.

My favorite song sequence was this one (although this is a an abridged and uncostumed version):

Oh, how we roared.

And this happened. True story.

Afterwards we hitched a ride in a very clarsy car back to Chez Crazybrave for cocktails. I had one of Owen's fabulous martinis and woke up like this:


I guess all the wines and bubblies didn't help either.

And now I'm trying to make the nice prints but my head still hurts.

ow. ow. ow.

Totally worth it.


Michelle said...

I know, it was fabulous wasn't it? I went on Wednesday night. Clever bloody people, I tell you.

Sorry about the bubbles head. Have you tried the cure of vegemite on toast with lashings of butter yet?

Another Outspoken Female said...

Since i saw it a couple of years ago every time I see Downer I think "fishnet stockings" :)

lauredhel said...

Oh, we saw it when it was over in Perth a few months ago! Apart from the drunken nong behind me who kept repeating every funny line (and, after intermission, all the unfunny ones too), it was fabulous. We laughed and laughed. Loved I Remember Kirribilli, the Redfern and Mabo tracks, the Light on the Hill.

If you missed out on a CD, you can buy them from the Belvoir site here.

Ampersand Duck said...

Ha! We had no-one behind us. We were the BACKSEAT BETTIES, in row ZZ. Was actually a pretty good position.

Miss Schlegel said...

The best fun I've ever had in a theatre EVA. My favourite song is The Mateship. I even bought the soundtrack.