Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ask the universe

I need to find two people, and maybe someone out there can help.


1. A home hairdresser (i.e. someone who will come to your home and do old-lady perms, sets and cuts) who does not call an elderly client 'luv' or 'darl'.


2. A bookkeeper who will not scoff at a numerically dyslexic and completely disorganised artistic type. And has room on their books for one more hopeless client.

Anyone know anyone in the Canberra vicinity? If so, email me (ampersandduck doing the gmail thing).

I'd be ever so grateful.

Or, if you're not local, feel free to share your own hairdressing / accountancy problems.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

but.. but... I don't know any hairdresser who doesn't call *everyone* Love or Darl... age is not a factor ;-)

Barb said...

Oh, love the lolcats. They've made me delurk to post.

I'm in Adelaide but have found book-keeping solace at Craftsouth in Adelaide. Maybe there's an arts organisation around Canberra that could help?

Quite happy with my local hairdresser too, tho that's no help. Plus she calls the whole family "honey".

sweepi said...

hMM - i HAD A CRAZY turkish home hairdresser in Canberra last year. I could dig out her number if you're still looking. She works in Dickson in an office job, but does after hours hair cuts. I can't remember if she called me darl, but she was a scream. She mostly used to go on about her nutty family and her endless string of no good lebanese boyfriends.

She might have been a bit over the top for your older lady. Funny though - and good hair cuts.

Tim said...

Good Job! :)