Sunday, March 30, 2008

You're all beautiful. You are.

Forgive me; Best Beloved is away for a couple of days, I've had one too many wines to work efficiently (blame TV for that), my computer says it's an hour earlier than it is (I'll regret that in the morning) and Blogosphere is mine.

Actually, I'll ask forgiveness of a few people while I'm here:

-- Tim T. I really don't play Scrabble with anyone else like I play with him. Bingoes everywhere, all the best letters fall my way. Sometimes it happens with Lexicon Harlot, and Pavlov's Cat as well. But no one else, I swear. The rest of them thrash me in even shares, especially my sister outlaw, Naomi. She's a killer on the board. I've only won against her once, according to my memory, and we've played nearly every day for a year now.

-- Anyone who believed in Earth Hour. I didn't do it. I forgot.
But. I was talking to a colleague the other day, and was shocked to find out that she leaves every. light. on. in. her. large. house. every. night. She & her family 'don't like the dark'. She also drives home for lunch every day. A colleague of BB's does a full washing machine of washing every. day. And she lives by herself. Stories like that make me feel that in my household, every day is Earth Day.

-- Anyone whose blog I leave a comment on. I notice that quite often I leave a comment on someone's blog and it's the last comment they get on that post. I must be a conversation killer. Either that or I am just lucky enough to get the last word. Whatever.

[OMG I'm in love with Marshall & the Fro and Juzzie Smith: see the last post for the music I'm listening to]

-- My bathroom. Our Tastic light blew the other day and I replaced it with one of those long-life fluoro lights, but chose Daylight White rather than Warm White. Suddenly the room looks filthy. Before, we could ignore the soap scum and the light mould, but now... it's going to get the cleaning of it's life. Maybe.

Enough apologies. Let's move on.

No, let's go to bed. I have a vet to see and a class on coptic binding in the morning. And no matter what my computer says, it's still 10.30pm, and I need to make the bed before I sleep. There's nothing like clean, fresh linen when you're sleeping by yourself.*

See you in the soup.

* Plus a pus-y puss or two.


Mindy said...

I was reading and didn't want to turn off the light. I did feel guilty though. Geez, even I don't do a load of washing each day and I'm cleaning up after two children and a husband. We have lamps with low voltage lights for the kids at night, but if they get up they walk down the dark hallway to us. Doesn't deter them though. Your friends powerbills must truly be a horror.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Yeah, sure you don't thrash us at Scrabble. Sure you don't.

fifi said...

ha ha, sleep like the letter "x"....

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I completely forgot Earth Hour too, but that colleague of yours sounds appalling and makes me feel like a saint. also, the nephew and friend visiting would have probably torn the house apart if not allowed to watch DVDs instead of listening to Aunt Speedie tell them how much good they're doing. ahhhhhhh disaffected yoof.

the daylight fluoros are horrible, aren't they? we had one of those blokes from the electricity company come and install them. he put daylights in several rooms. foul. one of them is here in the nerdy pooter room and it is sickly. fortunately girlie nerdy pooter rooms include a nice table lamp for a more ambient nighttime feel.

I dropped in on the bookbinding guild while I was at the easter show a few days ago (I did last year too but then didn't get my arse into gear, shhh). there was the dad of one of my best friends from primary school. looked exactly the same too. his wife was manning the stall but she'd gone off for a cuppa. she's won the bookbinding first prize, and he proudly led me to the Best In Show cabinet to have a very modest gloat (they are the loveliest, classiest couple). talk about a good reason to bother this year :-)

Pavlov's Cat said...

I can't work out whether you wrote this before or after that evil Scrabble move. For the benefit of the good folks here, I shall tell them what you did.

IN what was only the third move of the game, she put down VAGRANTS. Which is, as you will know if you've counted the letters, a Bingo, plus it was On. A. Red. Square.

89 points.

TimT, I feel for you.

Ampersand Duck said...

[hangs head in shame]

I'm such a wet leftie. I feel guilty when making high scrabble moves. The little voice in the back of my head pumping a fist and gloating 'yessss' just feels too Howardish to indulge.

Mind you, it doesn't stop me making the moves :)

maria said...

"I notice that quite often I leave a comment on someone's blog and it's the last comment they get on that post. I must be a conversation killer."

I'm in the same dilemma, almosty.

Quite possibly I should apologise to my own blog, because I note whenever I put a post up on my blog, it's got a good chance of ending the conversation for that post. No comments. I think me posting deters comments; perhaps if I didn't put any posts on my blog, people'd comment on my blog more!

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