Sunday, March 16, 2008

Balloon days are here again

When I woke up yesterday, I had my full complement of braincells. Today, sadly, not so, thanks to the cocktail party I attended last night. Flung by one of BB's public service mates, there was a bench covered in jugs of exotic and potent liquids of all colours. It made me think of Snape's potions class.

Since I knew no-one, and couldn't partake of much of the acronym-laden conversations about how busy everyone has been since January, I resolved to have one of each cocktail and enjoy myself. I did so, and now can't remember much of the convoluted bus ride home from the outer reaches of Gunghalin to our humble abode in Downer, and I'm amazed at how well I feel today, apart from the urge to drink water every ten minutes and a slight fuzziness which I'm sure is my brain trying to pull its tatty bits together.

I do remember cats. She has four cats, none of whom are related to each other. They were very hot, poor dears, and spent a lot of time flopping just out of arm's reach. We were very hot too, but a lot of crushed ice and alcohol can do wonders for that. I wasn't as bad as the mob who ended up lying on a mat on the front lawn slobbering and moaning as they reeled under the stars, but I was pretty jolly.

And I remember seeing balloons in the sky yesterday morning on the way back from the Farmer's Market. Hot air balloons in the sky in Canberra are a wonderful sign of autumn (although they're usually accompanied by frosty mornings), and always mean that I'm going to have a good day, probably because I feel so uplifted by the sight of them. Maybe I feel good today because the Balloon Day magic worked, and I was protected by all the hot air around me last night :)

Still batching my books, a bit slower today, but getting a respectable pile together. Must put some images up to show you. [Makes mental note to do so, and it goes skipping through the lacy holes in my brain patterns.]


genevieve said...

I wish I could feel so blithe about the lacy holes in mine, Duck.
I'd best look for balloons this week.
Or cocktails.

Mummy/Crit said...

I haven't been getting up early enough to see any lately.... maybe tomorrow is the day!

chosha said...

I'm going to ride one of those balloons one day. Right after I do the Meet-a Cheetah thing at the zoo. It's on my list.