Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember to breathe

self portrait with hail

This was taken just over a year ago, when Canberra centre was hit by a freak hailstorm. The consequences weren't fun, but it's the memory of the hot sun and the freezing hail drifts that I wish to evoke, especially for comrades in South Australia at the moment. We're baking here in Canberra, but we're not as badly off as you.

So here's some hail in your glass -- bring on winter!


Dumdad said...

Hey, you've nicked my avatar! Oh, hang on, you haven't but it's similar.

Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks for visiting, dumdad! I'm a big fan of shadows. I'm sure no-one's copyrighted the photographing of a shadow yet, but yes, we are spookily similar :)

Pavlov's Cat said...

Thank you. That did help quite a lot.

*drinks more Gastrolyte*