Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have died and gone to heaven

Did I mention that I have given up live TV as a New Year's Resolution? I've kept it, too. Until now.

Normally I would scoff at Sunday Night TV drama like East of Everything, so obviously aimed at my age group and over, with its fancypants emphasis on the hollowness of New Age lifestyles in the coastal areas of northern NSW.

But! Bastards! They have found my weak spots.

1. Richard Roxborough! I saw the shorts after BB watched the news one day, and was sorely tempted. But it wasn't quite enough...

2. Gah! Bumblebee was watching Robin Hood tonight, and I left the TV on while I got him to bed, and then... MACHINE TRANSLATIONS. ON THE TV. AS THE THEME MUSIC.

I was hooked. And not only one of my favorite songs, A Most Peculiar Place, as the theme music (albeit sped up and jollied along a bit), but J. Walker composes and chooses all the incidental music, and has another song, Need a Miracle as the end music. I'm sunk. I'm sucked in.

At the moment I have the website up on another Firefox tab and I'm listening to the excellent music choices as I type.


[Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea. Good choice. I love that song.]

I have to provide context. Machine Translations are my constant printing companion. All my work for the last ten years or so has been made to a soundtrack of every album J. Walker has made, especially if I print when it's raining. I hope the rest of Australia enjoys it too.

And the show isn't half bad either.

[Oh! King Curly. Of course.]

Sorry. I'm just so happy.

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