Tuesday, December 11, 2007

white ribbing

The Colonel and Lady Duck visited a couple of times over the last few weeks, bringing the usual care packages of a bag of lemons, a bag of plums and a bag of trash magazines. I've been picking up a mag every now and again and having a giggle. But this morning, over breakfast, I had a big fat guffaw.

A few weeks ago Crap Idea had a special on White Ribbon Day, which campaigns against domestic violence. They had a photo shoot of 'celebrities' (I always find that word laughable) posing in white and quoting life-affirming things. All good and well.

The photo that made me laugh -- nay, snort my tea -- was the first one, of the White Ribbon Foundation Chairman, Andrew O'K (from shows I've never seen: Weekend Sunrise, Deal or No Deal).

Let me set the scene:

Banner Headline: STARS STAND UP
Subhead: With thousands of women suffering domestic violence every year in Australia, these stars have joined [Crap] Idea to say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!'

And they have a picture of Andrew standing up:


But that's not all, no ne no...

Andrew also says -- and rightly so, I have no problem with any of the words --

The White Ribbon Foundation wholeheartedly supports the excellent work being done by all those working with victims of violence, but we also believe that such violence will continue unless we begin to change the attitudes of men and society. Attitudes about the power, sexist attitudes and the belief of the silent majority that domestic violence is not their problem.

pursed lips

I'm sorry, but the toe of that pristine shoe dipping in the water, and that facial expression -- let's have that again, shall we?

serious face

-- speaks volumes about reaching out to men to change their attitudes about harming women, don't you think? The rest of the shoot isn't much better, either.

This is really such an important issue. Now excuse me while I beat the crap out of this ball, or at least try to look jolly while I wield this club next to a woman.

Boo sucks to whoever commissioned that ridiculous photoshoot, undermining a really serious campaign. Intentional, or brain-dead? You pick.

Now excuse me while I go and rinse the tea from my nose and get on with the day...


ThirdCat said...

I'm really surprised by that. And soooo disappointed. It really is crap. Like truly crap. But I am surprised, because I've had a bit to do with White Ribbon Day locally, and I've always really admired Andrew O'Keefe from afar...he's a clever man, you would've hoped he'd had the brains to say 'this is crap'. Or maybe they've just used some photos from an earlier career as a model for cotton knitting patterns. I guess the magazine didn't know what to do with it's graphics. But maybe just a photo of him doing normal everyday shit.

It's left me feeling a bit deflated seeing that.

What are you doing with the bag of lemons? Sorbet I hope.

Ampersand Duck said...

3kitty, in that context I'm really surprised. It's definitely one photoshoot -- I've left out another three pages' worth of 'celebrities' all posed in very hammy shots, all wearing a tasteful palette of white and that pale blue.

I think they made a crap decision to lighten up a tough subject -- and I'm pretty damn sure they wouldn't have passed it by anyone involved seriously with the campaign!

The issue is from around the 20th or 24th of November, if my memory serves me correctly (I'm not at home right now), if you want to raid your local doctor's surgery for a look.

Lemons are an indispensable part of my kitchen, and I can go through a big bag pretty quickly. But sorbet is a tops idea.

lucy tartan said...

Oh dear I really had to LOL at that second photograph.

Tim said...

It's still ok to be violent towards Larry Emdur, isn't it?

Ariel said...

Sorry, but I couldn't help a literal LOL at the second photograph too (and the third, actually). What a terrible, terrible shoot. And what a botch-up of a serious issue. I hate to find myself laughing at a campaign against domestic violence.

Ampersand Duck said...

I know! Shocking, isn't it?! That's just how I felt this morning.

Tim: definitely.

jac said...

This was done in NZ as well, with a range of celebrities wearing... pink? For violence against children? Similar women's magazine concept anyway.

Also, PLEASE tell me the shot below made it into the magazine...

Ampersand Duck said...

Jac, I'd love to see it, but the link won't work!

It depresses me that entertainment is just formulated and doled out like pig swill to the masses. One formula to feed them all! And even more depressing, they eat it.

Ampersand Duck said...

Hmm. I should say 'we'. I'm not an exception here, although I don't like pig swill very much.

Lost in a reverie... said...

I have too few words today to describe the awfulness of this photo shoot, except to say the photo editor is an infantile moron and it is aimed at the lowest common denominator.

And Tim, violence towards Emdur=OK.

The Worst of Perth said...

The First one gives the impression he's looking for women to beat up.

comicstriphero said...

Worst part is they're all wearing white pants.

Yes, I know it is white ribbon day, and hence the pant colour may be apt.

But I hate white pants.

Just about as much as I hate crocs (previously discussed occupational uses excepted).

sikamikanico said...

Wasn't the last person who attempted to bring a lighter touch to violence against women Alexander Downer? And look how well that worked for him...

Helen said...

Andrew O'K = Zoolander.

Zoolander, for those who haven't seen the movie, had a special facial expression he called "Blue steel". What would you call that expression on A O'K? "Blu Tack"? ... um... "Blue UDL Mixer"?,,,