Saturday, December 01, 2007

Drawmo 30: the end, and a dog called Fish

Gah. Miserable failure. Oh well, Drawmo got me blogging more at least! I dunno if I'll be able to keep that up in the next few months. I'll do my best (what more can I say?)

Anyhoo, I started the month with a polemic about drawing of my own, and I'll finish with someone else's: my drawing teacher from art school. He was an old-school sculptor from Europe who treated most contemporary practice with a sour but good-natured 'BAH'. Read the following (from a hand-out he gave us) with a heavy accent, any heavy accent:

An ability to draw is a useful tool for any artist who is involved with visual expression. It is sad to note that the perceptual skills one develops through the act of looking and drawing are often dismissed as anachronistic for the 'contemporary' approach in art practices.

I strongly believe that the possession of these skills will enrich a student's sensitivity to all art experiences and enhance the flow of ideas and creativity. Drawing from nature in all forms is to my mind the best way to develop this sensitivity. By becoming aware of the subtleties and details one ventures into a newer and richer world. It is a hard language to master. It requires hard work, full concentration and perseverance.

The search for clarity of statement is of paramount importance. Avoid smudging and 'Arty effect'. Individuality is encouraged but it should be of secondary concern. be thorough, analytical, critical. Maintain the structure at all times.

I think there's something in that for all of us, don't you, children?

My last drawings from the vault (my excuse for this is in the post coming next) are to prove to people that I'm not cat-centric. These are two sketches of a dog I once went camping with. I can't even remember who the dog belonged to, which is shameful. The dog's name is Fish.

They are very light pencil drawings. I hope you can see them!

fish dog 1

fish dog 2

And thus the month ends.


genevieve said...

Oh don't beat oneself up so. I have loved your DrawMo and look forward to the next one. I seriously envy you your back catalogue, too!
Gonna buy some charcoal tout de suite :-)
The teacher sounds magnificent.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I was lucky enough to have an old skool teacher for life drawing in first year tech. he was sweet and gentle and pretty much whispered, I could hardly hear him. his drawing was FAB and I learned so much.

I still believe that putting in the hard yards to learn how to draw exactly what's in front of you gives strength to everything else you do in any medium.

and that dog's bum is great. love the stretched paw. so very Essence of Dog :-)