Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A chilly hello

Hello good peoples

I am sitting at the laptop of sister-outlaw Naomi in the Blue Mountains, and it is the first day that I have seen the sun for AGES. It's been freezing, and classic me, I packed all the wrong clothes. Only two long-sleeved tops, and they have 3/4 sleeves. This happens every year, no matter where I go, mainly because I leave packing my bag until I've done everything else (including packing everyone else's bags) and then I fling stuff in in a mad rush, only to open the bag a few hours later to wonder who the hell stole the bag I thought I'd packed.

I'm still sick, with a cough that I'm surprised you can't hear from where you are. I'm also at least 5 kgs heavier, having had two full Christmas dinners in three days, including a huge serve of Naomi's fabulous pudding. But I'm happy, because it's cool (I'd normally be sweltering in Qld heat at Woodford right now) and I'm on holiday with people I love. Hooray!

Did you get good loot? I did! Including this, lucky duck me.

Naomi and I are taking our niece to the movies to see The Golden Compass today, so this is just a quick warm hello and goodbye. I'll be home on Friday, all of you who are dying for me to have a turn at scrabulous. Be patient.


Pavlov's Cat said...

I have started a new game of Scrabulous with N so recently that she may not know yet.

How nice to be able to wish you both at the same time a merry Christmas in retrospect and a happy New Year in prospect. Lovely snapshot of Zoe and the puddin' a year ago, too -- what a long way we've all come since then.

fifi said...

Just back from Golden Compass with the little lad.
I am even more in love with Iorek byrnison than ever.

hope yer better soon.

Isabelle said...

Have just come over from Strange Fruit, intrigued by your name. I understand the Ampersand bit; I wonder if the Duck bit is significant, or is just nicely juxtaposed with the other?

Anyway, have enjoyed reading your recent posts and will be back. Have a good time in the cool. (I'm in Scotland, so heat isn't a problem in December.)

Mummy/Crit said...

Glad to hear you're having fun. i will start another game with you soon - I'd been waiting for you to get back!

Pen said...

And it's been very cool and pleasant in south east Queensland as well. It's almost spooky.