Friday, August 31, 2007

Wigging out in the pen

I keep meaning to blog about this, but I've been really busy and it keeps popping out of my brain. I can't imagine any Canberra people reading only me and not Crazybrave or any other of the fine local dudes who have been proclaiming a blogmeet tonight, but just in case you do... there's a blogmeet tonight.

Details here. And here. and all over. See you there. For a while, at least, before I keel over in exhaustion.


nick cetacean said...

erm, cancelled apparently.

I turned up at 9 and squinted at 10 or so tables of peoples hoping to pierce their secret blog identity before leaving...

Dean said...

I rocked up at 7.30 and didn't recognise anyone, so moved on.

chosha said...

I didn't read this sadly or I would have come along. That'll teach me to neglect my blog reading, won't it? :)

Next time.