Sunday, August 19, 2007

Remember to breathe

bird outside

... especially when you're 84 like sculptor Jan Brown, who made most of the objects you can see in this photo. Except for the Christmassy thing at the front and the real bird looking in at the window, which Jan and I found highly amusing when I popped in to see her last week. I've mentioned Jan before; walking into her loungeroom is sometimes quite unnerving because of all the birdy eyes looking your way.

Anyhoo, this birdy arrangement is for Sacha, my lovely bird-loving friend in Brisbane who has had the most revolting few weeks, including the sudden death of one of her beautiful (and young) cats. And for anyone else who needs well-wishing. I wish you well.


fifi said...

Isn't that just something, though? The real behind its representation?

I saw one of those bugger currawongs with a beakful of baby wattle bird this morning, the parent chasing it, clacking in distress. Horrible. I had a sudden vision of feathers stuck to jam jars, for some reason...

wish there was someone lovely like that in my street.

Suzi said...

I love that photo.

Anonymous said...

Oh darling Duck. Only just seen your lovely post and am weeping in Adj's shop which for prospective customers maybe a little off putting. Thank you from the bottom of my little old achy breaky heart. Sach.