Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more disarray

Also, a mate has written a critique of the National Museum so far. He's interested in some feedback if you've got any.

Have you got any?

Personally I was a big fan of the original plan to build at Yarramundi Reach, so I've never been very keen on the Disneyland they've build on Acton Peninsula, and which now, according to his post, is falling into disarray after a short time.


fifi said...

And THIS is a neat piece of synchronicity sinec:

We discussed this at uni last semester,

So I went there to look myself, with kiddies in tow,

Came to the same conclusion tho far less articulated,

Read the piece on the art life

came here and here it is.

I comment sometimes on the art life, and will do so,

always feel such a twit and an idiot when I do. (Must say, I hadn't gotten the "Blue Poles" joke)

fifi said...


Bernice said...

Oh the steel wedgie supports that now effectively STOP one's imaginations from rushing onto Uluru is so deliciously horribly symbolic of Howard's racist agenda & everything has government has done to Aboriginal Australians. & today the Senate votes on the NT Intervention Bill...